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About 3rdhill

1.About 3rdhill

3rdhill is an international B2C fashion online store that sells the latest trending fashion clothing in series. We have the mission to "let everybody enjoy the magic fashion life". We focus on offering our customers affordable and fashionable clothes and we also offer accessories and other items.

2.Our Mission

3rdhill provides clothes in series. Everybody can easily find the items they love on our website. No matter you are searching for a leopard one, a striped one, or a deny one, we all have a surprising collection with different designs for your choice. We are born for your everyday magic.

3.Our manufacture process

Product design: we have a team of professional designers. They are devoted to offering our customer fashion items with unique designs. They always keep a close eye on the latest fashion trend, besides that they design things in the way you may consider. They are devoted to finding a balance between price and quality, and they never forget their original intention to make things cost-effective and chic.

Modify template: before getting into mass production, we will make several templates first. Our designers would check every detail and invite models to try on them until they meet our requirements.

4.Quality inspection

Before the products are put into our warehouse, our quality inspectors will check for style, size, color, cutting, sewing, quality, etc. to eliminate any problem. Once the non-confirming products over our tolerance rate, we will end our cooperation with the manufacture and return all the products from them.

Although we take many steps toward quality assurance, it is inevitable that some fish slip through the net. If you are dissatisfied with your product, we invite you to contact our customer service email: